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Water Heater Reviews, Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless POU

by | Sep 30, 2016

Although both are designed to heat water, commercial water heaters must do everything far better than their residential counterparts. Otherwise, business owners run the risk of experiencing a decline in service and profits. To help you make the best decisions possible, we are providing commercial water heater reviews.  This time, we are looking at the Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless POU with you this week.

Get Fired Up Over the First Five Benefits

It features the compact, Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless Point-of-Use Water Heater. We offer it to our commercial customers because of the model’s ability to produce consistent, energy-efficient, eco-friendly results for years. The commercial water heater’s LED lights, no vent system, low-flow activation, small footprint and modulating heat exchanger are just five elements that make it so eco-friendly.

Customer and Staff Smiles Sure to Follow

Its proprietary design, which gives the commercial heater the ability to use an area’s existing ground water temperature to its advantage, is another. It uniquely allows firms to select the lowest flow rate, electrical requirements and dimensions possible for their respective areas. So they can save money, achieve the best return on investment and protect the environment without sacrificing customer service or production.

Same Old, Same Old for Rheem

However, then again, this kind of thoughtful engineering is typical of Rheem. Over the years, they have received some of the best commercial water heater reviews in their class, not to mention numerous awards. Also, their commercial water heaters’ energy-efficiency levels often make them eligible for local, state and federal rebates or credits. Take this particular, electric water heater that we have already been talking about as an example.

Beyond Discounts from Uncle Sam

Its direct spark ignition, coupled with the other features we have mentioned, give it a 94% efficiency level.  Rebates, awards, and tax credits aside, that is something worth shooting for especially when one considers the rest of the benefits. The ability to have continuous hot water throughout the course of one’s business activities is priceless for many, including ambitious catering firms and neighborhood laundromats.

Want More Commercial Water Heater Reviews?

To learn more about why people love the Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless Point-of-Use Water Heater and others, please contact the hot water experts at Waterheaters.com today.