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Water Heater Reviews, Polaris Residential Gas 50-Gallon

by | Oct 14, 2016

As part of our ongoing series of water heater reviews, we would like to take a closer look at the Polaris line of units specifically the Polaris Residential 50-Gallon Gas 130,000 BTU. Unlike many other residential lines, some of its water heaters do not need anodes. We know that is an important feature to some homeowners, including those that live in hard water areas.

Want a Longer Life?

Known to help cut down on mineral related damage, anodes can certainly be beneficial. However, they are also frequently responsible for service calls and funky odors. The frequent service calls are often a result of the metal rod’s inability to withstand constant exposure to a home’s water softening system or extremely hard water. Those two things may cause the rods to fail prematurely, which in turn causes the rest of the water heater’s interior to subsequently degrade.

Bugged by Bacteria?

As for the odors, they tend to occur when the building’s water supply is teeming with bacteria. As National Ag Safety Database members point out, some of the bacteria are beneficial, but not all and each type is prone to creating unpleasant aromas. They tend to gravitate towards the anodes and cluster on them, which only intensifies the smells and helps to increase the deterioration. Thus, purchasing anode-free water heaters may reduce odors as well as some degradation.

What Hot Water Emergency?

The ability to run without an anode is not the only reason for our favorable water heater review. The Polaris by American Residential 50-Gallon Residential Gas 130,000 BTU unit has a long list of top-notch elements. It also features an easy-to-reach access panel, plug-and-play technology, brass connections, stainless steel tank and a self-diagnostic control system. Understandably, they help cut down on emergency service calls too.

Keep in Down in There!

Also, there is the energy-efficient, whisper quiet operation, forced air system compatibility and sealed combustion features. They enable the Polaris water heater to safely fit right in some spaces. For instance, it could be placed near bedrooms that boast master baths or living areas that need the best acoustics available (e.g. home theater rooms).

Say Hello to Holiday Guests!

Furthermore, they are strong but compact enough to accommodate increases in activity. Therefore, house guests’ frequent showers and washing up extra dinner dishes should not leave holiday hosts, or hostesses stuck with cold water. To learn more about Polaris brand water heaters, please contact Waterheaters.com today.