Particularly in the winter months, there is nothing worse than turning on the spigot and being surprised by a blast of cold water. Whether you were in the process of washing your hands or taking a shower, it can be jarring either way. So if you are worried about it happening, now is the time to check out water heater reviews and choose a model like the Navien 199,900 BTU Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater.  We promise, it will not leave you shivering in your skivvies and here is why.

Celebrating the Benefits of Condensing Units

Because it is a condensing tankless water heater, there are several advantages to both the property owner and the environment. First, the water heater is designed to pull heat from the unit’s exhaust system. Accordingly, it prevents ultra hot air going into the environment. This is a plus because an influx of hot exhaust frequently contributes to the nation’s heat island effect problem as well as air pollution.

In addition, the cooler air makes it possible for designers and installers more flexibility. As such, condensing units tend to be less expensive to build, buy, install and run year round. They are also very reliable. Again, this benefits the homeowner as well as Mother Earth too in terms of reducing waste (e.g. building materials and energy). And of course, it helps keep more money in property owners’ pockets without having to sacrifice comfort or quality.

A Look at Navien Series’ Complete Benefits

Navien makes several tankless water heaters this way, namely the NPE-A, NPE-S and NCB-E, NHB and NCB Series. Some of the latter series include combination boilers. They are perfect for homeowners that want, or already have, hydronic heating installed in their respective buildings. The water heater we are reviewing today is the 240 A. It is one of the combination models. To learn more about this particular model or others in the Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters’ Series that we mentioned, please contact the experts at today.