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Water Heater Reviews, Are Low Emission Units Best for Businesses?

by | Nov 17, 2016

In our ongoing series of water heater reviews, we present a detailed look at commercial, low emission water heaters.  It is one thing for water-dependent businesses to say they want to reduce their environmental footprints and another to do it. Why the big disconnect? Well for starters, accessing water from a renewable source is just part of the process. In many cases, it has to be heated as well. Heating water has its own environmental impact, including the increase in mono-nitrogen oxides.

Also known as NOx, they are frequently generated during the heating process, and previous methods to eliminate them from business environments have been very costly. As such, many businesses feel that they can not operate efficiently or effectively without them. So they think that low emission units are bad news. Today’s water heater review of the Bradford White® brand will happily prove otherwise:

The company makes modestly priced, low NOx water heaters, including a 100-gallon model for commercial use. Thus, businesses can fulfill their water needs without contributing to the world’s greenhouse gas levels or cause a loss in quarterly profits. How low can the brand’s water heater NOx emissions go? In some cases, they may go well below the ones advocated for by national, regional and local, environmental groups.

Hot water experts have found that they can achieve those minuscule levels by incorporating some elements in their commercial designs. For Bradford White™ designers, that means focusing on thermal control features. Their thermal control features, by default, reduce the need for frequent ignition and energy use. For example, their commercial water heaters have recirculation and integrated exhaust systems as well as non-CFC insulation and Vitraglas® linings.

And take note, NOx is not the only unwanted byproduct these water heater designers have managed to reduce. Their most popular designs take into account sediment and lead too. Although not first in environmentalists’ minds, sediment can harm more than just a water heater’s interior. It may also introduce minerals, bacteria, lead and other undesirable materials back into a home or community’s water supply.

That is partially why Bradford White® designers install features including Hydroject® Sediment Reduction Systems, horizontal anode rods and hand-hole clean-outs. Plus, they make it a point to have their best water heaters CSA Certified for low lead content. So knowing that we think it is fair to say that low emission water heaters are best for everybody, not just businesses. To learn more and find the best reviewed, low NOx water heaters, please contact Waterheaters.com today.