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Increase Water Savings With a Water Heater Pump System

by | Jan 1, 2016

We have all experienced it when we turn on the hot water, the inevitable wait for the warm water to start flowing. Before the appearance of the coveted hot water, a significant amount of cold water is wasted flowing down the drain. Wouldn’t it be nice to have quicker hot water to your home or business’s fixtures? Having a circulating water heater pump system installed might just be the answer to your hot water dreams.

On a new construction home, installing feed and return lines quickly circulate domestic hot water to different areas of the home. Having what is known as a ‘hot loop’ close to plumbing fixtures provides quick hot water to the plumbing fixtures. In an existing home or business, installing specialized controls that work with both the hot and cold water lines to create the hot loop using your existing water heater help hot water flow quickly to fixtures.

A recent article featured a question about this exact situation.

Q: I am trying to reduce the amount of cold water going down my drains while waiting for hot water to reach the faucets and shower. Also, it would be nice to have quicker hot water to the fixtures like they have at many hotels. Can you please give me some information and opinions on residential water heater recirculating systems?


A: You’ve made a good observation that water is being wasted while you’re waiting for hot water.

Having a hot water recirculating system installed by a licensed master plumber may not only save you water, it can also be an added bathroom luxury. For new construction, water heater feed and return lines are installed that circulate domestic hot water to different areas of the home. Having this hot loop close to plumbing fixtures can provide quicker hot water.

For existing homes, special controls are available that may work with both the hot and cold water lines to create the loop using your present water heater. Just make sure your hot water recirculating system is professionally installed with any needed permits so you really don’t get yourself into hot water.

The benefits of installing a circulating water heater pump system are innumerable. Reducing water waste saves you money on your home utility water service bill. It can also contribute to reducing water waste in locations that are experiencing significant drought problems. You will also have shorter wait times for a hot shower each morning.

A water heater circulating pump system needs to be installed by a professional plumbing service. In some locations, permits are required to do the necessary plumbing work. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Contact Waterheaters.com today to learn more.

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