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New Water Heater Hanging Bracket for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

by | Oct 9, 2015

Commercial installers have attached Rinnai tankless water heaters to the walls of businesses for almost 15 years. Usually they attached sheets of plywood to the walls then attached single or multiple units to the plywood. Now there is a better way. Rinnai has created a unique and efficient water heater hanging bracket. It comes in indoor and outdoor versions and saves you money during installation. The interior version is tough powder-coated steel. The outdoor version is stainless steel to withstand the worst outdoor conditions.

In a gymnasium, a restaurant, a factory, a hospital, the installer mounts the bracket to a wall. The TRW02 or TRW03 units arrive assembled to a rack that mates with the bracket. They come with two or three C199 tankless heaters. Those have a 199,000 BTU heat transfer capacity. Hot and cold water and gas pipes are already installed. Vent pipes come attached if ordered. Indoor models do not go outside. Do not use outdoor models inside.

For nearly 15 years, Rinnai commercial installers have been hanging and connecting multiple Rinnai Tankless Water heaters on walls of restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools, etc. The typical mounting process involves cutting and screwing a piece of plywood to the wall, then levelling and hanging multiple units on the plywood. These days are now over. We would like to introduce you to “the hanging bracket” (see image to left).

The installer must use a hoist according to the installation instructions. Lift by the top of the frame using straps. Space the Rinnai water heater hanging bracket straps the same distance from the centerline of the frame and wide enough to clear the bracket. It is easy to see from the diagram that the entire assembly will tip towards the front when lifted. The installer has to watch for that.

The bottom of the frame meets the wall before the top does. Keep the top of the frame higher than the bracket while moving the unit close to the wall. The lifting straps must clear the bracket to prevent trapping them when the installer lets the assembly down. Once the unit is mounted on the bracket, secure it with a #12 by 3/4-inch drill point screw through the hole in the front center of the bracket. Several tankless C199 units can share the same water lines, gas lines, and intake and exhaust pipes. The installer hangs them up in a row and connects them to each other and the supply and exhaust lines.

The pre-assembled TRW03 and TRW03 units save time on the installation. They make the project look professional, polished. The lower list prices of $5800 for the TRW02 and $8700 for the TRW03 makes them more affordable than ever. For more info on the Rinnai water heater hanging bracket contact Waterheaters.com.