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5 Water Heater Failure Warning Signs

by | Jul 16, 2018

Water Heater Failure Warning Signs

Most homeowners take their water heaters for granted until something goes wrong. Nothing will spoil a hot, relaxing shower like having the water suddenly run cold. Like any appliance, your water heater will eventually need to be replaced, and you need to be prepared when that happens. There are some water heater failure warning signs that every homeowner or business owner should be aware of.

It is a significant disruption when your water heater breaks down. That is why it’s important to know water heater failure warning signs. If you know the warning signs to look for, you will be able to replace your water heater in a timely fashion. Here are six indications that it is time to consider replacing your water heater.

Here are 5 Water Heater Failure Warning Signs

  1. Age of Your Water Heater
  2. Lack of Hot Water
  3. Excessive Noise
  4. Leaks in the Water Heater
  5. Your Water Heater Needs Constant Repairs

We will go into these 5 water heater failure warning signs in detail below.

Age of Your Water Heater

If you do not know how old your water heater is, you can find out its age using the serial number. The serial number is printed on the manufacturer’s sticker. The serial number will look similar to this: H071054367. Use the first three digits to determine the water heater’s age.

The first letter indicates the month. H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so it represents August, the eighth month. The next two digits represent the year. In our example, the water heater was manufactured in August 2007. Most water heaters have a useful lifespan of about ten years. It’s time to consider replacing yours if it is ten years old or older.

Lack of Hot Water

Are you running out of hot water more often than usual? Is the water only getting lukewarm? Insufficient hot water is one of the most common signals that your water heater needs attention. The lack of hot water might be caused by a failing heating element. It can also indicate a build-up of sediment in the tank. Excessive sediment fills the tank so that it no longer holds the amount of water it was built for. You will need to replace your unit if the problem continues.

Excessive Noise

A noisy water heater, like a lack of hot water, is related to sediment built up on the bottom of the tank. Sediment hardens as it heats and reheats. Once it solidifies, you will hear banging or rumbling noises coming from your water heater as it warms up.

Noise is not the only issue caused by sediment build-up. The hardened sediment causes your water heater to become less efficient. It will take longer to heat the water and will use more energy, leading to higher utility costs. The additional time needed to heat your water can also cause holes or cracks to form in the tank. This will cause leaks, so you should address the issue as soon as you can.

Leaks in the Water Heater

Metal expands as it heats up. If your water heater has a slight fracture, the expansion will create a leak. Do you see a puddle around your water heater? Check your tank’s fittings and connections to make sure they are not causing the leak. No matter the cause, the leak must be addressed immediately. Water leaks can severely damage your home. Basement flooding can damage both property and infrastructure.

Your Water Heater Needs Constant Repairs

It is time to consider water heater replacement if you’re always fixing the same problem over and over again, or if new issues occur on an ongoing basis. Repeated breakdowns indicate that the entire water heater is likely to fail before long. You should replace it as soon as possible.

Are you ready to replace your water heater? Contact Waterheaters.com to learn more about our services. Our top-rated technicians will provide you with a free, accurate estimate and help you select the best water heater for your home.