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What Homeowners Need To Know About Water Heater Cost

by | Oct 30, 2015

Water heaters are one of the most used, and most overlooked, aspects of most homes. They provide hot water for showers and cleaning, all from a quiet corner of the basement, garage, or utility room. The only time anyone thinks about their water heater is when the hot water quits flowing. If the problem cannot be cost effectively repaired, a new water heater must be installed. Water heater cost depends on the type and size of the heater, type of fuel it uses and where it is to be installed.

Water Heater Type and Size

There are two basic types of water heaters used for residential hot water. Storage water heaters have a tank that holds hot water in reserve, generally anywhere from 30 gallons to 80 gallons. You can expect to pay close to several thousand dollars for one, with the installation included. Tankless water heaters, also called on-demand water heaters, heat the water as it is needed, thus eliminate the need for a holding tank. The average cost, including installation, can be much greater due to its complexity. For smaller families, a smaller storage heater or on-demand heater will be sufficient. For larger households, however, a larger storage heater will help eliminate the possibility of running out of hot water.

Fuel Source and Water Heater Cost

Another determining factor for the water heater cost is the type of fuel that it uses. Options include natural gas, electricity, propane, solar power and even geothermal power. In most cases, electricity or gas are used. The difference in pricing for installation varies, depending upon whether the fuel source is currently available, or if a new connection must be made. Most homeowners choose to continue with the fuel source their last heater used to save money in this area. However, if multiple sources are available, it is a good idea to compare them to see which will be less expensive to operate in the long-run.

Place of Installation and Water Heater Cost

Many times, water heaters are installed in a spacious area such as a basement, garage or attic space. That means it is relatively easy to work with and will take less time to get the job done. However, if the heater is located in a small closet or other cramped space, it will take more time and labor to remove the old one and get a new unit installed. In some cases, the area the heater will be installed must be enlarged to accommodate the new unit. Obviously, the less time it takes to install the unit, the lower the water heater cost.

If your water heater is not producing an adequate amount of hot water for your family’s needs, or it is more than ten years old, contact Waterheaters.com. We will be more than happy to come out and take a look at it and recommend a course of action. Our water heater experts can help you determine the water heater cost so you can make an informed decision.