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To Go Tankless Water Heater Or Not To Go Tankless Water Heater, That Is the Question

by | Mar 4, 2015

Water Heater Replacement

As knowledgeable and professional water heater representatives, we often receive success stories from our customers. Waterheaters.com got this note from one of our satisfied customers after we helped them navigate the often complicated world of tankless water heaters, and we wanted to share it with you.

I have been considering putting a tankless water heater system in my home for some time. I recently decided to do some research to see if it is worth it. Since I began looking into tankless water heaters, I have found waterheaters.com a great resource.

First, I crunched some numbers to see how much I am paying for hot water with my run-of-the-mill hot water tank. I had to figure out how much hot water I use. Then I had to figure out how much of my gas bill is going to the pilot light on that hot water tank. I subtracted this information from the total bills that I get for both services.

After figuring out how much I am currently spending I called several companies and discussed how their tankless water heater systems operate. It was not very surprising to see that waterheaters.com has the best possible information, and the best systems I have seen on the market.

Anyway, it turns out that I can go with a full home tankless water heater system and save tons of money each year while being able to use as much hot water as I want. I spend about $45-$50 a month in hot water because I have a tank. When I convert I will be paying roughly $30 a month. That is because I am spending the money on the water bill plus I am spending too much on gas by keeping my water hot all of the time. Waterheaters.com showed me that tanks always keep your water hot, and tankless systems are on-demand, so they only heat up the water when you use it.

The best thing I did when trying to figure all of this out was contact the knowledgeable and professional water heater representatives at waterheaters.com.

Thank you waterheaters.com for being there to help me see the light!

You are welcome! We always try and provide the best and more up-to-date information when it comes to both traditional (tank), the more modern (tankless) and even heat pump water heaters. Contact Waterheaters.com today with your questions about your next water heater purchase.