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Reasons to Avoid DIY Suffolk County Water Heater Installation

by | Jul 1, 2016

Although DIY is great for many tasks around a property, Suffolk County water heater installation is not one of them. If you have been thinking about installing your water heater, we are hoping that you will read on to find out why you should reconsider.

Potential for Future Repairs

If you are a novice, you probably do not know what to test to ensure that you have installed the heater properly. If a component is not working due to faulty installation, you are looking at costly repair work. Professionals test things such as the heating element and pressure valves to ensure proper operation.

You Could Miss Leaks

If you do not know how to inspect your new water heater for leaking, you could end up with property damage if there is a leak. A leaking water heater can damage a property’s foundation.

You Need Comprehensive Plumbing Knowledge

To perform an error-free, quality water heater installation, you need to understand the network of piping throughout the property. Installing a water heater is more complicated that attaching pipes together. Professional plumbers already have this knowledge and can install a water heater quickly and without hassle.

Potential for Size Errors

You have to figure out flow rate calculations to know what size water heater to buy. If you make an error in these calculations due to inexperience, you could buy a water heater that is too large or too small. A water heater that is too small cannot heat your water adequately, and a water heater that is too large will cost you in unnecessary energy fees.

Trouble With Removing the Old Water Heater

If you have to remove an old water heater, you have even more reason to get professionals involved. A professional can remove the old water heater smoothly and without making a mess.

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