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StreamLabs Control Water Monitoring System Now Available Through Waterheaters.com

by | May 14, 2019

Water damage can be extremely costly to fix in your home and the StreamLabs Control water monitoring system is here to help you stay ahead of your water leaks with one easy to manage device. There is a “smart” version for seemingly everything in your home these days and now water heaters and water heater products are joining the ranks! You spend a lot of time and money keeping your home in the best shape possible but water leakage is one thing that falls by the wayside with many homeowners until it is too late.

Waterheaters.com is now offering the StreamLabs Control water monitoring system. The StreamLabs Control is a smart water monitor that can help detect water leakage and protect your home from future water damage by tracking water consumption and usage and sending you real-time alerts to any possible leaks. Once the StreamLabs Control is connected to your home wi-fi network you can receive updates directly to your smartphone.

The StreamLabs Control features:

  • Enhanced Leak Detection – The device monitors your water usage patterns and creates customized Smart Alerts to identify any leakage problems.
  • Remote Shut Off – Leaks will not have the chance to get out of control due to the remote shut off feature in the StreamLabs Control.
  • Real-time Insights – You will receive instant notification of any abnormal water usage alongside comparative and historical data for your water usage.
  • Home and Away – StreamLabs Control has both a Home and Away setting.

Smart Home Compatible – The StreamLabs Control integrates with Nest and Amazon Alexa. API access is also available for more customized integrations and data reporting.
The StreamLabs Control device helps you stay one step ahead of water leaks and water damage to your home. StreamLabs Control uses patented ultrasonic technology to monitor water distribution and usage in real-time, detect leaks, and shut off the water source automatically if a leak is detected. Just one StreamLabs Control device installed in your home can protect your home from water damage and allow you complete control of your water system through a free app. The StreamLabs Control water monitoring systems “Keeps Leaks on Lockdown” 24/7. The StreamLabs Control can detect abnormal water usage from burst pipes, running toilets, appliance water line failures, running outdoor hoses, and freeze conditions. The StreamLabs Control offers connection types in SharkBite (3/4″, 1″. and 1-1/4″) or FNPT (3/4″, 1″. and 1-1/4″). The StreamLabs Control can also help your household to become more water conscious and help you find areas and times of day where you can cut your water usage.

The StreamLabs Control features a quick 5-minute Do It Yourself installation process guided through the StreamLabs app. Installation does not require specialized tools or pipe cutting and only requires three quick steps. To install the StreamLabs Control system you need:

  • Access to your main water supply line
  • A standard 110/220 VAC power outlet
  • An IOS or Android compatible smartphone or tablet
  • A wi-fi connection
  • The StreamLabs app

The StreamLabs Control is a device meant to revolutionize the plumbing industry. As our homes get smarter and smarter, plumbing has remained stagnant. StreamLabs has set out to change the way consumers use water with the StreamLabs Control. StreamLabs belongs to a powerful family of innovative brands that create Solutions to Shape the World™. RWC’s innovation transforms productivity and efficiency for customers in plumbing and heating, water and air, smart home technology, and specialist industries around the world.

Waterheaters.com is now offering the StreamLabs Control system. Waterheaters.com serves the New York Metropolitan Area and provides sales and installation of name-brand water heaters including residential water heaters, water heaters, tank water heaters and tankless water heaters by three generations of experienced Master Plumbers. Waterheaters.com customers have come to depend on the consistent professionalism, knowledge, and service that we provide. Contact Waterheaters.com today for your StreamLabs Control system.