Gas Line Services in Bay Shore & Melville, NY

Do you need a new gas line installed? Call us at 631-629-4877 for services in Suffolk and Nassau County, NY.

When you need work performed on your gas line – whether it’s a repair or installing a new line – hire an expert who can help. These are not issues you want to take on yourself. Call the pros at Retro Hot Water & Heating for appointments in Melville, NY. A locally owned company, we provide same-day services.

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Signs Your Gas Lines Need To Be Repaired or Replaced

Ignoring an issue with your gas line can lead to serious consequences. To prevent dangerous issues, watch for these signs that can indicate your need repairs or replacements:

  • Unfamiliar hissing or roaring sounds near your gas line.
  • Gas-powered appliances malfunction or no longer work efficiently.
  • A previous gas leak in the same line.
  • An increase in your gas bills although your usage hasn’t changed.
  • Part of your gas line is visible.
  • An aging gas line.