Gas Leak Detection in Bay Shore & Melville, NY

Act quickly when you have a gas leak at your home. To have a leak detected and repaired, call us at 631-629-4877 for services in Suffolk and Nassau County, NY.

Do you suspect there’s a gas leak at your house? Don’t delay – have professionals come and detect if and where there is a leak, and repair it. To schedule gas leak detection services at your Melville, NY home, call Retro Hot Water & Heating. We guarantee satisfaction!

When you need gas line repairs, don’t delay! Contact us for full gas line repair services.

Signs You Have a Gas Leak

If there is a gas leak at your house, it’s essential to find it as soon as possible to have it repaired by a professional before it puts your family at risk. Some symptoms that can signal you have a gas leak include odors of rotten eggs, dying plants in your yard, or a hissing sound near your pipes. Some other important signs you should look for are health symptoms like nausea, dizziness, fatigue, or fainting spells.

If you have any symptoms of a leak, call Retro Hot Water & Heating to schedule an appointment.