Bay Shore & Melville, NY Oil To Gas Conversion Services

Do you want to save money while making a more environmentally safe choice? Call us at 631-629-4877 for oil to gas conversion services in Suffolk and Nassau County, NY.

Using oil in your house might be convenient – especially if you have a tank at your home – but it can be costly and bad for the environment. Instead, save money with environmentally friendly natural gas. Call our licensed and trained experts at Retro Hot Water & Heating for oil-to-gas conversion services in Melville, NY. A family-owned company, we guarantee satisfaction.

Is it time to replace your aging water heater? Contact us to schedule services in the New York Metro Area.

Why Switch From Oil to Gas?

If your oil tank is working correctly and is providing energy to your home, why should you switch to gas? There are several reasons to make the change. For one, when oil – a fossil fuel – burns, it leaves soot, which leaves an odor and requires cleaning. Plus, it’s not good for the environment. In contrast, natural gas is cleaner, more efficient, and less expensive. If you have questions about whether or not converting to gas is right for your household, contact our experts at Retro Hot Water & Heating.