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Recommendations For Long Island Water Heater Replacement

by | May 26, 2016

Do you live on Long Island and need a new water heater? Of course living without hot water is not only unpleasant, the rest of the family will not be happy about the home camp-like conditions. Therefore, delaying a Long Island water heater replacement is not a solution. There are several things that you should consider before having a new water heater installed.

  • The size of your family and how they use hot water. Showers use less water than baths. If you have a large tub that subs as a hot-tub, these use much more water.
  • The potential growth of your family. Are you planning on having more children, adopting or having a grandparent live with you? Are adult children returning home to live? Is a parent or grandparent going to be living with you? Installing a larger capacity water heater now will allow for growth in the future.
  • Do you have frequent visitors staying overnight or for extended periods of time? This will increase hot water demand at crucial periods as everyone rushes to get ready for the day.
  • Do you use hot water for an unusually heavy need such as washing an RV or a boat?

Do you know which water heater you should have installed? The hot water heaters of today have improvements over the antiquated designs of the past. Here are some water heater models to consider.

Waterheaters.com has a large selection of water heaters and provides excellent and prompt installation throughout Long Island. Please contact the Long Island water heater replacement experts at Waterheaters.com today for a free estimate.

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