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Best Water Heater Type for Your Long Island Water Heater Installation?

by | Jan 12, 2018

Water Heater Replacement

From home owners to business founders, anyone who owns or runs their own property is eventually faced with replacing a water heater, and this unavoidable event does not always occur as the old one dies. It’s important to be educated on the best water heaters before choosing one for your home or business.

Sometimes as a family or business grows, the capability of their old heater simply is not sufficient to serve their increased need for hot water. This spurs the usual flurry of search engine research and skimming statistics on new water heater possibilities. Whether you are searching for Long Island water heater installation, it is important to know the difference in models, performance, and fuel type before making a very long-term decision.

Long Island Water Heater Installation

Here at waterheaters.com, we offer the best water heater installation for Long Island homes and businesses. See below which water heater type would be best for you.

Water Heaters With Tanks

Tank water heaters are the most common type and what you will probably find in a new home or business as the default model. They work by heating a large tank full of water and holding it in reserve until you need it while the tank itself is insulated to keep water warm between heating cycles. When you use up some of the hot water, the heater will heat more to top it off, keeping your water system constantly supplied with a store of hot water. The best thing about large tank water heaters is that they can supply a reasonable amount of hot water to several locations at once, making morning showers, cooking, and tooth brushing possible, then recharging during the day to prepare for after cooking, dishes, and laundry.

Tankless Water Heaters

Systems that forgo the use of a tank are often known as ‘on demand’ or tankless water heaters. These run water overheating coils to produce hot water when you need it and are more energy efficient because they do not require heating cycles to continuously warm a large tank of water. However, due to capacity limitation of on-demand heating, they can only supply about 3.5 gallons of hot water per minute. While this may be more than sufficient for a single user, they often cannot support a multi-family household or more than one hot water process at a time.

Point of Use

Both tank and tankless water heaters come in two forms, those large enough to serve a whole property and smaller ‘point of use’ models. These are more efficient in both space and power but, of course, can produce less hot water per minute than a large unit. The most common application for point of use water heaters is under kitchen sinks, but they are also an amazing solution for small and travel vehicles like RVs or shoebox apartments. Point of use water heaters can be placed anywhere you want a guaranteed hot water supply that does not rely on the shared water heater capacity.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Of the two forms of hybrid water heater, the heat pump heaters are by far the most common. Consuming as much as sixty percent less energy compared to electric heaters, the heat pump absorbs ambient heat instead of generating its own. Using the fact that hot air rises, heat pumps are very tall with intakes at the top to pull in hot air, then they transfer the heat into a hot water tank. The other form of hybrid is the tank-tankless variety which both maintains a reserve of hot water for multiple users and careates an on-demand supply for maximum convenience.

For the ideal hot water experience, you want to choose a water heater that suits the size of your utility closet, usage habits, and the amount you want to spend on power and fuel. The right water heater, and possibly a few strategic point-of-use heaters, can add luxury and convenience to any home or business.

The hot water experts at Waterheaters.com can help you choose the right system for your property and provide on-site installations and service throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut For more information or to schedule your Long Island Water heater installation, contact Waterheaters.com today!