Do you have a new tankless water heater? Chances are good that you were taught by your parents or grandparents to periodically open the pressure-relief valve on your home’s water heater. Perhaps they told you why the valve has to be opened from time to time or maybe they did not share that part with you.

We have found that it is one of things that people often pass on to one another without really knowing why. As such, many people are surprised to learn that some ,models of tankless water heater do not have pressure relief valves. They wonder if the missing valve makes the tankless water heaters less efficient or prone to break downs.

Lack of Pressure Relief Valve on Tankless Water Heater Surprises

We are here to tell you that it is okay for some water heaters to be without temperature-pressure relief valves. The valve’s sole purpose is to keep the pressure and temperature inside of a tank below certain levels. By most standards, the benchmarks are 150 psig and 210 F, respectively. So those periodic checks you were told to make are merely to ensure that the valve is still working effectively.

When temperature-pressure relief valves go bad, one of two things generally happens. First, conditions inside of the tank may reach dangerous levels. Those elevated levels could lead to small or large breaks in the tank, including major explosions. Second, the valves could cause water leaks, which in turn could create structural problems inside of the effected buildings.

Why Do Some Tankless Water Heater Manufacturers Forego the Valves’ Installation?

So why then do some tankless water heater manufacturers forego the valves’ installation? Simply put, the temperature and pressure are either monitored in other ways or regulation is not needed at all because of the unit’s design. Such is the case with Bosch Tronic’s line of Point-of-Use, Tankless Water Heaters.

Changes in pressure and temperature do not occur with these units because they are meant to function continuously. Consequently, those two variables remain constant no matter how much hot water is used in the home. To learn more about tankless water heaters and which ones do not feature temperature-pressure relief valves, please contact today.