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Why Install A.O. Smith Electric Water Heater in You Home or Business?

by | Dec 18, 2018

When stepping into the shower in the morning, the assurance of having hot water is essential. You can have this assurance every morning when you install A. O. Smith electric water heater as the brand you choose. Even if it is not on your mind at the time, if you run out of hot water it often becomes your primary issue very quickly. Either your current water heater cannot keep up with your demand, it is operating inefficiently for some reason, or it is on the verge of completely failing. Nothing is worse than having to sacrifice having a warm shower.

Let us explore why the choice to install A. O. Smith electric water heater is one of the best options available today. The company is located in Ashland City, Tennessee, and is the largest manufacturer of water heaters in the world. In every impartial list on the best water heaters by quality, A. O. Smith Water Heaters consistently receive the highest ratings. With these ratings, you are assured of getting a quality heater that will stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Install A.O. Smith Electric Water Heater Advantages


  • Using electric, rather than a combustible fuel eliminates the possibility of the fumes collecting and exploding.
  • Indoor air quality is not affected when using electric. Besides the usual fumes that will be present, the flue could become blocked and cause gases to be leaked into the living space. Also, if a flame of some type is used in the vicinity of combustion fuel, it could cause an explosion.


  • Electric water heaters are simple. They make the most natural choice for home or commercial installations.


  • With combustion fueled water heaters there are many codes to follow in different localities. Some require a 2-hour fire resistant wall surrounding the heater. Others need an 18-inch platform which the water heater is to sit on, to avoid accumulation of fumes at floor level. With an electric unit, these things are not an issue.

Efficiency and Function

  • An electric water heater is more efficient than a gas-fueled water heater. In tests conducted the very best combustible fueled water heater only had an efficiency rating of .86, but electric water heaters come in easily at .95.

Lower Standby Costs

  • A combustible fuel water heater loses a lot of their reserved heat at the flue near the bottom of the water heater. Their heat loss is 3.5% an hour. Whereas an electric water heater is much better insulated and only loses 1% an hour.


  • Electricity is widely available. Natural gas is not. In an area where an all-electric home is a preference, if the piping is done for propane or natural gas just for the water heater, it could mean a costly installation.
  • Electric water heaters can be used as a point of service heater because it is safe to install them inside the house. Gas heaters would be too dangerous inside the home.

Design and Installation

  • Location can be in crawlspaces, under cabinets, in laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Electric does not give off any dangerous fumes.
    Electric water heaters do not require any additional clearance to be safe.
  • No gas piping is required.
  • No air for combustion is required, or airflow around the unit.
  • Electric eliminates the danger of extraneous air movement blowing out the pilot light.
  • With electric, there is no unsightly flue appearance, often an afterthought in the building industry.


  • Fuel-fired water heaters require more maintenance and are more involved in their components. Electric water heaters are simple and straightforward if needing repaired.

System Life

  • Electric heaters have an average life of 14 years compared to 11 for gas.

Electric Costs

  • When you install A. O. Smith electric water heater, you get the benefits of the some of the most efficient electric water heats available today.  This increased efficiency reduces the overall cost of heating water.
  • Because rates are varied in different localities, it is hard to give an electric cost of operating. In some areas, it may cost a little more to run an electric water heater. However, if an all-electric discount is given by the power authority, it could balance the higher rates.

Contact Waterheaters.com to get a professional quote and to install A. O. Smith electric water heater today. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer all your questions.

For AO Smith warranty questions outside of New York, please call 1-800-527-1953.