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Is A Hybrid Water Heater The Ideal Solution For Your Home?

by | Jul 3, 2015

Long Island Water Heater Replacement

What kind of water heater your home has is a fairly big decision. For example, do you go with the tried-and-true tank water heater, or do you go green and install a tankless water heater? Well, if you want to get away from the waste and cost of the former, but you are not comfortable with doing away with the water tank entirely, there is a third option. New to the water heater market is the option of a hybrid water heater. For many homeowners, it might be the ideal solution.

How Does A Hybrid Water Heater Work?

A hybrid water heater is set up much the same way as a tankless water heater. It is connected directly to your water line, and it heats water on demand. What makes the hybrid model different is that it will have a buffer tank that heats a couple of gallons of water so you can have it whenever you want it.

Eliminating the Cold Water Sandwich

So what are the benefits of this model? A primary benefit is the small storage tank eliminates the “cold water sandwich,”. The which cold water sandwich is a term used to describe how you might get a spurt of cold water in between two runs of hot when your demand becomes more than the heater can produce. It also ensures you have hot water for small needs since some tankless water heaters will not heat water if you are not demanding a certain amount.

The hot water delivery from these and all tankless water heaters depends on the temperature rise. The smaller, 100,000 Btu/hour models provide about 3.8 gpm at a 50°F temperature rise, but only 2.1 gpm at a 90°F rise. The largest Eternal Hybrid provides 7.6 gpm at a 50°F temperature rise and 4.2 gpm at a 90°F temperature rise—which should be plenty for two or three simultaneous showers.

Greener, and More Efficient

Hybrid water heaters offer many of the same features as their tankless brethren do. They use less water, incur less waste, and they cost less to use over the long-term than traditional water heaters do. Another thing they have in common with tankless models is they tend to have a higher up-front cost. If you can balance out the up-front cost against the long-term savings, though, hybrid water heaters are a smart investment to make for your home.

For more information on hybrid and tankless water heaters contact hybrid water heater experts at Waterheaters.com today.

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