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Hybrid Water Heater, The Ideal Hot Water Solution

by | Jul 31, 2015

Water Heater Replacement

A water heater is one of the primary features of a home; it represents a big investment, and it provides a necessity for comfortable living. However, traditional water heaters with huge tanks attached to them tend to be a major drain on energy (since they constantly warm a massive amount of water in the event you might decide to use it). For homeowners looking for an in-between solution, a hybrid water heater may be just the thing.  Tankless water heaters are an alternative, and they use a great deal less energy and water than traditional water heaters do. Tankless water heaters have their drawbacks. They can be slow to respond to a demand for a small amount of hot water. Also, they must be correctly matched to their need, or they can underperform by not fully heating the water coming in.

A hybrid water heater is an excellent solution for homeowners who want to have some hot water on hand at all times, but see no need for a 40 or 80-gallon tank. According to How Stuff Works, a hybrid water heater maintains a small reservoir (no more than a few gallons of water at most). This acts as a buffer between when you need hot water, and how long it will take the system to heat up fresh water as it comes in.

Hybrid water heaters are significantly more efficient than traditional water heaters, but they are not yet as efficient as fully tankless condensing water heaters. On the other hand, hybrid heaters avoid many of the delays you can experience with tankless water heaters. Hybrid water heaters can use gas or electricity, and they can dramatically increase the value of a home. This is particularly true if the home has an older, out-of-date water heater. For more information on tankless and hybrid water heaters contact Waterheaters.com today.

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