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Case Study – Hotel Water Heaters, Installations and Reasons to Upgrade

by | Jun 24, 2016

Whether you operate a large hotel or a small boutique hotel, your guests are your number one priority. You know that hotel water heaters have to be able to provide plenty of hot water for guest showers, regardless of how many rooms are occupied. It also has to handle the hotel’s laundry, and perhaps a restaurant as well. That is a lot to ask from a water heater, especially if it is older equipment. Your system may be holding up well, however, there are three strong reasons to upgrade your hotel water heater to a Rinnai® commercial water heater system.

Guest Satisfaction

The level of satisfaction your guests have depends fully on how well they are treated. If a guest turns on the water, expecting a nice, hot shower and only gets lukewarm water, they will not feel cared for. If your hotel restaurant is lacking access to hot water, diners will wait longer for meals. With a Rinnai® water heater setup, every guest will get a hot shower, and your laundry and restaurant will have endless hot water as well. This one change will increase your guest satisfaction rating and ensure repeat bookings.

Considerable Savings

Traditional water heating systems are inefficient and costly to operate. The more hot water gets used in your hotel, the higher your monthly gas and electric bills are. When you compare the increase in revenue due to increased occupancy to the energy cost, you can see there is room for improvement. With an on-demand commercial water heater, you are not storing hot water. Instead, the water is efficiently heated, nearly instantly, when it is needed. This will equate to substantial energy savings.

Increased Reliability

Water heater problems cost you more than money. If you cannot get hot water to clean linens, your guests will be inconvenienced by waiting for you to repair the problem, or get help with your laundry. Lack of hot water can shut down your hotel restaurant. These issues will damage your reputation and drive guests away. Rinnai® commercial water heaters are well-known for their reliable performance, and they come with a strong support team that understands how important your guests are.

If your hotel’s water heater is not performing as well as you would like, or if you are looking for ways to lower your monthly energy bills, contact Waterheaters.com. We are experts in installing and repairing Rinnai® commercial water heaters in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut hotels.