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High-Efficiency Water Heater, Reasons Why Indirect May Be Best

by | Nov 25, 2016

It has been years since you have shopped for a high-efficiency water heater. At the time, it seemed like the only decisions that had to be made were related to electricity, propane, oil or natural gas. Now there are other options, including air and convection. The latter is one of the most loved for several reasons.

Many Options for Homes and Businesses

Also known as indirect models, these high-efficiency water heaters are made by reputable companies. A few that we work with are TURBOMAX® and HTP SuperStor Ultra. They produce convection-fueled water heaters capable of providing anywhere from 26 to 119 gallons of water for commercial and residential customers.

Combined Resources Saves More

Some of the high-efficiency water heaters in their respective lines boast hot surface ignition. Others proudly offer direct spark. However, because they are all convection-fueled models, they tend to function similarly. Paired with the building’s boiler or furnace, they typically rely on special heat exchangers and shared ductwork.

The heat exchangers work with electronic control systems and insulated tanks to quickly produce large amounts of water at the lowest prices. The indirect models’ high-efficiency is a result of sharing resources with the building’s heating system as well as smart design. Maybe best of all, indirect water heaters tend to be compatible with some fuel choices. So they will work for customers who may be in rural areas that don’t offer much access to certain utilities.

Compatible and Eco-Friendly Too

Furthermore, because these types of high-efficiency water heaters recirculate resources in closed environments, they tend to be eco-friendly. We know that is a central consideration for many of our commercial and residential customers. Unfortunately, not all indirect models sport nationally recognized efficiency ratings. Rest assured that this oversight is more a matter of certification costs and paperwork than design issues.

To learn more about convection-powered models and other high-efficiency options, please contact Waterheaters.com. We would be delighted to discuss both the TURBOMAX® and HTO SuperStar Ultra brands further.