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ENERGY STAR and Your High Efficiency Water Heater

by | Dec 11, 2015

Very few people give much thought to their water heater and the amount energy it uses. The reality is that a home’s water heater is the second highest source of energy consumption in the house; it is second only to the home’s heating/cooling system in energy use. Daily Finance states that a water heater accounts for 14 percent of household energy usage. A high efficiency water heater with a good ENERGY STAR rating will save you money.

A water heater works 24 hours a day to heat water for washing clothes, showers, baths and to operate the dishwasher. Installing a high-efficiency water heater can conceivably cut the home’s energy bill in half. There are also high-efficiency water heaters that are tankless and only heat water on demand that offer even more energy savings.

Your ENERGY STAR high efficiency water heater will use 50 percent less energy than other water heaters that only meet the minimum federal standards, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA goes on to state that an ENERGY STAR certified high efficiency water heater, such as a heat pump water heater (HPWH), saves a family of four $3,500 in electricity costs during the water heater’s lifetime. A natural gas high efficient water heater may save a family of four $25 to $95 each year compared to standard gas water heaters.

In many cases installing a high efficiency water heater provides a valuable tax benefit to the homeowner. Federal tax credits vary from state to state. Some states also offer state tax incentives. High efficiency water heaters are also eco-friendly. They produce lower emissions than conventional and older models. The water heaters also emit only minimal greenhouse gasses.

Please contact Waterheaters.com today to learn about our wide assortment of high efficiency water heaters. The Hot Water Experts at Hotwaterheaters.com are ready and able to answer all your questions about our many residential water heaters and how they can save you money on your home’s energy bill.

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