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EPA Looks to Monitor Water Heater Usage by Hotels

by | Jun 4, 2015

When it comes to reducing potable water usage and preserving this precious, focus is now being placed on the ability to monitor water heater usage. To this end, the Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a grant to a university to find a way to monitor water heater usage by hotel guests. Hotels use a significant amount of water and determining exactly how much and ways to reduce the usage can benefit us all.

The EPA grant seeks to create a wireless system to see how much water is used per hotel room. Writing for the Free Beacon, Elizabeth Harrington reports in the article EPA Wants to Monitor How Long Hotel Guests Spend in the Shower, “The funding is going toward creating a prototype and market analysis for the device. The goal of the project is to change the behavior of Americans when they stay at hotels.”

If hotel guests are made more aware of how much water they are using and the cost to heat that water, they may be willing to change their habits and reduce consumption.

“This technology will provide hotel guests with the ability to monitor their daily water online or using a smartphone app and will assist hotel guest in modifying their behavior to help conserve water,” the grant said. The project was filed under “Water conservation,” “Urban water planning,” and “Sustainable water management.”

As most hotels have a system that continuously circulates hot water, the energy cost should also be computed for consumers. Hotel management is keenly aware of these costs but has no way of making customers aware of this.

For those ready to take action now, there is no need to wait for the results of this grant for hotel owners and homeowners to get an idea of what hot water is costing them. Several companies make a way to monitor water heater use with that capability built into the appliance. The iCOMM Elite offers current and historical data and a live monitor accessible with a web browser. Whirlpool’s Energy Smart series has a heads up display on the heater so consumers can program the device to provide hot water during peak demand times and reduce energy consumption when hot water is not needed.

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