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Energy Stars Ratings, What Do They Mean?

by | May 20, 2016

The Energy Star program, created in 1992 by the US Environmental Protection Agency, is a means to promote the usage of more efficient products. The purpose of Energy Star Ratings is to measure the amount of energy consumed by a product and compare the results to similar products and models. The less energy a product needs to operate translates to a decreased cost to the consumer. Hence, the less energy required for operation, the better the rating that is given.

Second only to home heating, water heating is one of the highest energy expenses in your home. Have yours professionally inspected to ensure that you are not throwing money down the drain. Per Energy Star, the cost of a more efficient heater can earn back its cost in energy savings within two years. Indeed, they state that a family of four can save as much as $3,440 over its lifetime. As a general rule of thumb, professionals advise that you upgrade your water heater if it is older than ten years. If you do not know the age of your water heater contact Waterheaters.com. We can use the model and serial number to determine its age.

In contrast to traditional water heaters that operate using direct heat, the newer models on the market employ a number of improvements that increase their efficiency. For example, with your common storage water heater, energy is lost through both the walls of the tank as well as the surrounding pipes. The new models have more insulation and it is of higher quality to reduce energy waste. Also, the modern heat pump water heater acts much like a refrigerator in that it uses a compressor and evaporator coil to heat the water making it much more efficient.

We carry a wide variety of water heaters that feature excellent Energy Star Ratings. We operate throughout Long Island in both Suffolk and Nassau counties and have been in the water heater installation business for three generations. Contact waterheaters.com today with any questions you have about the efficiency of your current water heater and whether it makes economic sense to have it updated. We look forwarding to serving you.