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Squeeze Value from Your Budget With a Condensing Water Heater

by | Aug 14, 2015

Have you ever squeezed a bunch of George Washingtons until they cried? It is something that many Americans are doing more of as time goes by and installing a condensing water heater may be a big help in keeping those greenbacks in one’s pocket. Why? They are extremely efficient and come in tankless forms. What makes them more economical than other water heaters? In many ways, it is the combustion system.

Like the people who squeeze their bills until the Presidents squeal, condensing water heaters wring as much usable heat as possible from their combustion systems. With more efficient combustion systems, less electricity or natural gas is needed to generate the desired output. Therefore, you can contribute to a reduction of the country’s resource usage as well.

Plus, in the case of certain condensing units, they may be smaller and have fewer maintenance needs than other water heater options. Copper-finned tube models are good examples. They are compact and tend to have variable speed fans as well as digital control panels. Additionally, many feature drainage systems that can often run for at least a year before needed professional service.

Copper and its ability to withstand acidic condensation is a big reason many condensing water heaters require so little service. Naturally, it is that same feature that helps give those types of heaters such reliability ratings and long life spans. Obviously, intelligent and thrifty consumers recognize the importance of those ratings and actively hunt down condensing water heaters because of them.

Of course, copper finned tube models are not the only ones that score high in terms of reliability and durability. There are other types of condensing water heaters and brand names noted for being great values. To learn more about those condensing water heaters, please contact Waterheaters.com today. Our knowledge of condensing water heaters, including their installation, is unparalleled. Also, we offer reliable, free estimates.