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Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial Water Heaters

Our commercial water heaters can be installed at hospitals, nursing homes, apartment buildings, gyms, health clubs, condos, restaurants, schools, retail stores, and more! Call our knowledgeable technicians and have your commercial water heater installed today

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Water Heaters for Restaurants

As a business owner you have many things to think about, and your water heater shouldn’t be one of them.The fact is that your water heater may be near the end of its life. It’s not a matter of if, but when your water heater will die, typically 7-12 years after you installed it. What if this happened just as you were about to open the doors for the day? What if this happens when you are holding a private event? Waterheaters.com has a free no-obligation service that can make dealing with the inevitable need to replace your water heater simple and quick. Simply fill out the form below to have your required information ready when it is needed. It will make installation of a new water heater and removal of the old one quick and easy. We will also provide a free estimate so you will know ahead of time how much you will need to invest when the time comes. We also provide financing! Now go focus on designing that new menu because Waterheaters.com will be there when we are needed.

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For every water heater installed, Waterheaters.com donates 100 meals to children through Island Harvest.

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