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Choosing the Right Hot Water Heater Size, Efficiency and Fuel

by | Aug 7, 2015

Boiler Repair

With so many hot water heaters to choose from, many homeowners do not know which works best for their home. Aspects such as capacity, size, and energy efficiency can cause confusion for those who are fuzzy on the facts. Choosing the right hot water heater is important. Once you know a few facts about your need, combined with information about which water heater works are available, selecting the water heater for your home or business is certainly an achievable goal. To help you along, here are some tips to help you choose a hot water heater for your so you can be singing in the shower all day long.

How to Choose a Hot Water Heater Size

The perfect sized water heater will not run out of water after just one shower. To determine the size you need, begin with the FHR, or first-hour rating. The FHR is listed in the specifications of the water heater and also located on the yellow tag attached to the water heater. Determine the gallon size you need by taking the amount of people in your home plus one, then multiplying that number by 12. The answer is the minimum gallons of water that you will need in the busiest hour of operation. This calculation is a good first step but always contact a professional to confirm.

Consider the Hot Water Heater Energy Rating

The energy rating is measured in EF or energy efficiency. Thus, you will want the highest EF rating for the gallon size of the water heater you choose. The principle is simple, the higher the EF rating, the more efficient the water heater. Energy Star rated hot water heaters are government certified to be of a certain efficiency. These are usually more efficient models like tankless models, hybrid models, and tankless condensing models.

Decide Hot Water Heater Fuel Type

Fuel type is a significant consideration when it comes time to select a new how water heater. The fuel type that you choose should be based on what is available, the efficiencies you seek, and your budget. The source of fuel connected to your water heater can affect operating costs and have an impact on your usage, so choose wisely. For more information on how we can help you with your water heater selection, please contact Waterheaters.com today.