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3 Things to Consider when Choosing a New Water Heater

by | Jun 15, 2018

Buying a new water heater is different from almost any other appliance in your home. Unlike a toaster or even a washing machine, you can’t just pick a model at the store and be certain it will work when ‘plugged in’ at home. In fact, you shouldn’t try to install your own water heater at all because an inexpert installation could result in leaks, corrosion and, of course, no hot water. But which water heater should you buy to have installed in your home? To find out, you’ll need to consider a few very important factors. Naturally, you want a water heater that can supply enough hot water for your home’s needs, doesn’t add too much to the power bill and fits safely in your utility closet, garage, or basement depending on where you want to store it.

Whether you’re furnishing a brand new home you just built or are replacing an old water heater that recently gave up the ghost, it’s important to understand your home in order to find the right water heater. Here are the top three questions you should be ready to answer when consulting with a water heater installation professional.

1) Size of the House

The size of your home will determine a lot about how big your water heater needs to be. The number of bathrooms, sinks, showers, and water-using appliances can stack up to quite a bit of demand for hot water all at once, especially if you share your home with several other family members who might be showering or washing their hands at the same time. To calculate how big a tank you want, consider how big your home is and how much water you tend to use daily. The most important number is your peak hour demand, which is the most possible water you could need at once. This hour usually occurs in the early evening when everyone comes home, does cleaning chores, takes showers, and so on.

2) Power Consumption

The next thing to consider is how much power and possibly natural gas your water heater will use up every day. Old water heaters tend to be monsters on the power bill but modern units are much more power efficient. Even with the most recent models, you’ll want to do an energy efficiency comparison to find the best option within your price range. You may also want to consider the recommended temperature settings for each model. A lower temperature means less energy use while still providing steaming hot water.

3) Space to Put It In

Finally, you may think you want the biggest water heater available so you can run two hot showers, the dishwasher, the clothes washer and the kitchen sink all at once but the final limitation on your appliance size is your utility closet. Every home was built with a certain amount of space allocated to utilities like the water heater, A/C, and furnace. If you want an enormous hot water tank, make sure to measure the area where your water heater will go to ensure that there is plenty of room.

Whether you’ve Googled it and are absolutely certain which water heater you want or if you’d rather consult with a professional, it’s important to remember never to try and install a water heater yourself unless you’ve done it before professionally and understand the model you’ll be working with. For expert installation, advice, and assistance with all your water heater needs, Waterheaters.com is here to help.

We make absolutely everything about water heaters our business and are always happy to help a new homeowner find the perfect appliance for their home size, water usage, power consumption, and utility closet. From tiny tankless water heaters to steaming giants, if you need water heater advice or installation, contact Waterheaters.com today.