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Questions to Ask When You’re Getting the Best Water Heater Installation in Suffolk

by | Apr 15, 2018

Long Island Water Heater Replacement

When you have to get a new water heater, you might have gotten the message in the form of a sudden crack in the tank and a small emergency. However, if you have a bit of your home improvement budget tucked away for a rainy day, and you do not have to repair any sudden water damage, a broken water heater can be a surprise opportunity. If you are a Suffolk resident, getting the best water heater installation in Suffolk is imperative. Instead of finding the machine that offers the closest return to your previous status quo, ask your local water heater installer about some features that can help you save on energy costs and ensure you have the right amount of heated water on hand.

Ask about the value of some added features.

Water heaters are already getting more and more energy-efficient. Whether through better heating mechanisms, improved base materials for the tank, or more intuitive thermostats, a new heater almost always promises some degree of energy savings. However, trying to quickly get the basics in place can make you miss out on even more savings and control, so ask your water heater expert about.

Timers that can set the heating schedule for times that better fit you.

You do not need hot water sitting around when no one is going to be home for hours or even days. However, remembering to experiment with your heater’s settings when you are about to go on vacation is not only nearly impossible, it means you are not around if something goes wrong. Ask your water heater installation company if timers are worth the savings during long work days or when you go traveling. You can also ask about fine-tuning the timer, so it only heats up the water during non-peak hours. As long as the maintained water does not dip too low in temperature, you might be able to save money by turning down the energy consumption when grid demand is at its peak.

Advanced heat traps that stop energy from escaping near the pipes.

Heat loss is part of what makes heating (and maintaining the heat of) water so expensive. Some water heaters take this into consideration with inbuilt insulation and easy insulation options. But external insulation cannot protect against energy loss around the inlet and outlet pipes. Depending on the type of machine you had previously, it might have had heat traps. These devices sit at the pipes and keep standby heat in when the water is not flowing out. Ask your expert if the replacement heater comes with these tools. If not, see if the installation technician can add some. If they can, you can choose between standard traps that save energy but create a bit of noise or new styles that give you energy savings silently. The best water heater installation in Suffolk will know the proper balance.

What degree of insulation you can add safely.

Whether you should insulate your water heater and hot water pipes are a standard question, and insulation is always a great idea. However, different machines can handle only certain degrees of insulation and overdoing it can be dangerous. Ask your installer about what insulation is best for the specific model you chose. Not only can they recommend the right insulative values based on the tank, tank size, and where the tank is in your house, they can give you safety tips based on the power source. Gas-powered water heaters are less forgiving about too much insulation or insulation in the wrong places (like the top and bottom, burner, and thermostat). They can either tell you precisely what you need or go ahead and install insulation for you.

Installing a new water heater is the perfect opportunity to make a few energy-efficient changes, whether you install a new condensing tankless water heater or just a newer version of your old model. Contact Waterheaters.com to find the best water heater installation in Suffolk who can answer all of your questions and get your home’s hot water back in order.