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How to Determine the Best Long Island Water Heater Installation

by | Nov 12, 2018

Long Island Boiler Repair

Are you looking for the best Long Island water heater installation service? Living in Long Island, your water heater is one of the most essential appliances in the home. Access to a continual source of delightfully hot water is key to enjoying long snowy Long Island winters, from taking hot baths to just washing your hand safely. So when your water heater starts to give up the ghost, you know you’re going to need the best possible replacement. A water heater that will last you decades and a proven, reliable Long Island water heater installation service to properly install it into your home.

But how do you determine the best Long Island water heater installation for your needs? Here at Waterheaters.com, we’ve been providing water heaters to Long Islanders for over 50 years and three generations. So we know a good water heater installation when we see one. Here are six of the most critical aspects of a dedicated water installation service:

Close to Home

First, you need a service whose service area contains Long Island. In the modern digital age, it’s all too easy to start doing your research on a service only to realize that they are two states away or even further. Even if a water heater service claims to serve your area, you want to work with a team that is close to home. This way, you know their workshop is nearby and that everything your water heater installation team needs to remove your old water heater and install a new one is only a short drive away.

Assesses Your Needs

Never trust a service that tries to tell you what you need without a consultation. Every home is different, especially in the handbuilt old Long Island neighborhoods. Your water heater needs should be assessed based on the size of your family (and your enthusiasm for long showers), the size of your utility area, and even how much electricity you want the unity to take up. Your water heater installation team may also need to work with old pipes and electrical hookups that may influence the right unit and installation process for your home.

Offers Installation on Your Schedule

Any field service, like water heater installation, should be able to work on your schedule. If your old water heater dies, they need to have an emergency slot ready to get a new one in as quickly as possible. Especially during the cold months where your pipes and health are in serious jeopardy without a water heater. At the same time, your installation team also needs to be able to accommodate your work schedule so that you can be present during the installation without putting your job at risk. The best Long Island water heater installation team will know how to balance your needs and schedule with their availability.

They Will Take Your Old Water Heater

When it comes to your old water heater, let’s face it: You have no use for it and no place to put it even if you did. A good water heater installation team will offer to not only un-install the old water heater for you but also haul it away where the materials can be junked or reclaimed. Whether they have a use for the old parts or are just being helpful, a team that hauls away the old water heater is making sure that your home remains safe and clear of rusting dead equipment.

Satisfactory Warranty

Every new water heater should come with a factory warranty. And the best Long Island water heater installation services will also offer you a service warranty guaranteeing the quality of their installation. Getting this service warranty is proof that the installation team believes in their work and is willing to prove the quality of their water heater installation by offering a guarantee if there are any problems. They will also have a process to help explain the manufacturer’s warranty if you have issues relating to the water heater itself.

Helpful Maintenance Advice

Finally, your water heater installation team may not be the people you call to maintain your water heater in the future, but a professional service will be ready and eager to leave you with a complete set of guidelines. When to flush the water heater (if necessary), and a schedule for when to call for regular maintenance and inspections. Of course, with the best Long Island water heater installation service and the perfect new unit for your home, it may be some time before you need to make your first maintenance call.

Finding the best Long Island water heater installation service shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you’ve ruled out anyone too far from home or too unaware of your needs, the best option will quickly rise to the top of your search. For more information about how to find the ideal water heater and installation services for your needs, contact Waterheaters.com today.