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Types of Water Heaters for Your Next AO Smith Water Heater Replacement

by | Jan 15, 2019

Long Island Water Heater Replacement

Every home needs a new water heater. One is installed in every home when they are first built. Eventually, it will require water heater replacement with something new. You may also be seeking a new water heater if your old one isn’t large enough for home use or if you’re building a home addition that would be better served with a separate water heater. We know you want the highest quality water heater available which is why we carry AO Smith water heaters. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and models with the same, legendary AO Smith build quality. Let’s take a look at the five different types of water heaters for your next AO Smith water heater replacement.

Gas & Propane Water Heaters

Gas and propane water heaters are designed to leave your power bill out of the water heating equation. If you have a gas line in your home already, a gas water heater can be a great way to balance your utilities and ensure that you’ll still have hot water if the power goes out.

Propane water heaters, on the other hand, run off of tanks and are ideal for more rural situations where gas lines are less common. A propane water heater can be the perfect solution for a cabin or farmhouse that already has a large propane tank for other purposes.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are by far the most common in today’s homes because they are streamlined, efficient, and don’t require any extra lines to gas or propane. AO Smith has been making high-quality electric water heaters with revolutionary glass lining since the 1940s, and you can count on them for water heaters that are built to last. You can find the right size electric water heater for any size home or go a little bigger to accommodate a family that cleans and showers often.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are unique space and power saving innovations that are ideal for smaller homes and anywhere with high electricity prices. A tankless water heater is also sometimes known as an on-demand water heater and connects the cold water line. Rather than filling and heating a tank of water, it boils water on the spot, as the water runs past its heating elements. Naturally, this has a rate of flow limitation, unlike a tank water heater, but it is a great way to save power that might otherwise be spent keeping a large tank of water warm all day.

Many people install tankless water heaters in small condos and starter homes when there isn’t room (or the infrastructure) for a full-sized water heater. They are also great supplemental heaters if the one in your utility closet can’t keep up with demand all of the time.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are an exciting variation on water heater technology brought on by the popularity and sudden affordability of the green energy boom. Solar water heaters are a unique way to transfer the sun’s energy into heat into delightfully hot water. A couple of thermal panels can significantly reduce the cost of your water heater on the utility bill. If you want to go green and have a new water heater installation scheduled, consider the environmentally friendly appeal of AO Smith’s solar water heaters.

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