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A. O. Smith Cyclone® Mxi 100 Gallon Commercial Gas 250,000 BTU Water Heater

Water Heater Description

A. O. Smith Cyclone® Mxi 100 Gallon Commercial Gas 250,000 BTU Water Heater

A. O. Smith 100 Gallon BTR Commercial Gas Master-Fit 250,000 BTU Water Heater features a factory-installed draft diverter and automatic flue damper. The current Mxi modulating models adjust firing rate to the specific demand further increasing efficiency and money savings.

  • Intelligent control system with LCD display
  • Submerged combustion chamber, with helical heat exchanger coil
  • Permaglas® Ultra Coat™ glass lining

A. O. Smith Cyclone® Mxi 100 Gallon BTH Commercial Gas 250,000 BTU Water Heater. Designed to provide years of dependable service and features industry leading technology. Delivering thermal efficiencies of 95% and higher. The unique helical coil heat exchanger limits weld joints for optimal service life while maximizing heat transfer. Powered anodes standard on all models. High efficiency modulating pre-mix powered burner. Over a quarter million Cyclones sold since 1996.

Manufacturer SKU: BTH-250

Manufacturer PDF: AOSCG10210.pdf

Water Heater Warranty

Waterheaters.com will honor all warranties in accordance with manufacturer policies and procedures. Manufacturer warranty issues should be addresses directly with the manufacturer.

3 Year Limited Tank Warranty (5-year tank extended warranty is optional)

Water Heater Specifications


A. O. Smith


Natural Gas


Tank (whole house)

Tank Capacity (gallons)


BTU Input (british thermal units)


Ignition Type

Direct Spark Ignition

Energy Star



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